1200 – 1400

Origin of the name Gidding
DateRectorsPatronsResigned or Died
1223Robert de HedlayaThe Bishop of Lincoln
1238John de RichmundBro. Ro. Saumford, Master of the Knights Templarsr.1255
1255Radulph BassethRoscelin de Rosr.1276
1276Galfrid de LaungefordThe Master of the Knights Templarsd.1277
1277William de la LaundeRob. De Turville
1313John de StannfordThe Bishop of Lincolnr. 1335
Cessation 1335
1335William Cross de BaumburghPh. de Thame, Prior of Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalemr. 1342
1342Richard de Aston(no patron mentioned)d. 1348
1348John de PotteshallPrior and Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalemr. 1350
1350Richard Duk (de Ellington)Ph. de Thame, Prior. Etcd. 1360
1351John de KirkebyPh. de Thame, Prior, etcd.1360
1360Adam de Charteriz
Robert Foster (still Rector 1382)
John Penelyr. 1391
1391William Smith(no patron mentioned)r. 1392
1392William IngeldeHildebrande Inge, Locum Tenens of Prior of St John of Jerusalemr. 1396
1396Thomas JekysWalter Grendon, Prior, etcd. 1405

1405 – 1501

1405Stephen Stokes" "r. 1406
1406William Byngham" "r. 1408
1408John Aylmere" "r. 1411
1411John Wright(no patron mentioned)1413
1413Richard Snowe"r. 1414
1414Rob., son of Simon de BaumburghWalter Grendon, Prior, etcr. 1415
1415William Coneworth" "r. 1416
1416John Longe" "r. 1423
1423John Green
John Evans
Hen. Cromhale, Prior, etcr. 1452
1452William ffareynRobert Botyll, Prior, etcr. 1454
1454Robert Crane" "r.1461
1461John Bolton" "r. 1465
1465Thomas Howde" "d. 1492
1492John InemanJohn Kendall, Prior, etcr. 1501

1501 – 1707

DateRectorsPatronsResigned or Died
1501William JohnsonThomas Newporte, Master, etc
Henry Empson, was Rector, 1535
No name givenDeprived 1554
1554Thomas LambertKing Philip and Queen Mary
1579Walter BickellesQueenLeft 1579
1580Thomas ClarkeQueen
1590William Bate, M.A.Ld. Chancellor, presentation revoked1591
1591John Brooke, M.A.
1597Thomas Prowde, S.T.B.Lord Keeper of the Great Sealr. 1597
1597Henry Williamson, M.A.
1614Michael ReadeThe King (James I)
1625David Stevenson, M.A.During the time of the Ferrar Community
the Rector was ‘absent’, and the
monthly Eucharist was celebrated
in Little Gidding church by
the Reverend Luke Groose,
vicar of Great Gidding,
with Nicholas Ferrar acting as Deacon
1651Edward WallisParliament (appt 15 Jan 1647/8)
1659Farrar Collet, M.A." "Cession 1663
1664James WildboreKing Charles II
1674Anthony Hill" "d. 1691
1691Thomas Ferrar, M.A.King William III and Queen Maryr. 1707
Grandson of John Ferrar, great nephew of Nicholas Ferrar
During this time he restored the church
to the state we see it today,
with the plain stone front;
his brother John remained Lord of the Manor
until 1748, when the estate
passed out of the family

1707 to present day

Memorial to the Reverend John William Aytoun
Rector of Little Gidding Church 1914-1916

Memorial to the Reverend Andrew Molony
Rector of Little Gidding Church 1958-1961

DateRectorsPatronsResigned or Died
1707William Postlethwayted. 1731
1731William Robinsond. 1781
1781Thomas HarrisKing George IIId. 1792
1792Gerard Cloughd. 1831
1831William PullenKing William IV
1843William Whall, D.D.Queen Victoria
From 1848-53 the Lord of the Manor,
William Hopkinson, undertook the renovation
of the church, with the addition of
stained glass windows, the chandelier and a bell
d. 1874
1874William Salmon Bagshaw, M.A.r. 1913
1914John William Aytoun, LThLord Chancellorr. 1916
1916James William
Percy Jones, M.A.
George Fitzwilliam
In the 1920s renovations included the wall sconces,
given by Lady Margaret Proby of Elton Hall
r. 1957
1958Andrew Chartres
Brew Molony, M.A.
F.W. Dennisr. 1961
1962LF OstlerGeorge Fitzwilliam
Little Gidding Fellowship formed 1970
r. 1974
1975DN deL YoungF.W. Dennisr. 1977
1977AOL HodgsonGeorge Fitzwilliam
Community of Christ the Sower undertook
care and maintenance of the church
r. 1981
1983RWB van de WeyerD. Dennis
1992, East window replaced by plain glass
1994John HindleySir Stephen Hastings1995
1996Catharine FurlongThe Bishop of Ely
1998 Community disbanded, care of the
church undertaken by the PCC and
Wardens of Ferrar House
2005Position vacant-
2006Jacqueline Duck
2011Mary Jepp
2017Mandy Flaherty
2019Fiona Brampton (Chaplain)