Rev Canon Fiona Brampton

Rev Canon Fiona Brampton – Chaplain to Little Gidding

It’s a real privilege to be Chaplain at Little Gidding. To see the joy on just one person’s face as they come out of the church having discovered a connection with something that will change their way of seeing the world is amazing. Don’t forget, T S Eliot didn’t come to Little Gidding with the words of an eminent poet ringing in his ears. He allowed his experience to form something that would inspire many people. Your experience may be just as transformative.  

I’m a priest in the Church of England and an Honorary Canon of Ely Cathedral, currently working as Associate Priest in the North Leightonstone Benefice (St John’s Church is part of the benefice). I’ve been in ordained ministry since 1984, having worked in housing estates in Bristol and Peterborough, and then in the Grunty Fen Group in Ely Diocese, before moving to Huntingdonshire. Before coming here in 2019, I had visited Little Gidding in the early 1970s as part of a Christian youth visit. I have no idea what I was doing, or why we were here – I simply remember the church, and being part of that place.  Later, pre-theological college (in 1981), and living in a small community in Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, we came to Ferrar House for our ‘time out’, to have a place of ‘sabbatical’ as we absorbed the various experiences of being part of a local community and a gathered community, spending time wondering where God might be in that. 

I am found at Little Gidding on 2 days a week (usually Thursday and Friday), and other times by arrangement. Usually, I ‘loiter with intent’ – I’m not going to intrude upon your time if you want to be alone, but I am available if you want to have a chat.  I’m also here if you would like a guided retreat, either alone or for a small group, a word of prayer, or simply someone with whom to drink coffee. I’m around at the moment, even while Ferrar House isn’t open to the public, and would love to meet you.

Contact Rev Canon Fiona Brampton

01480 538 726
07305 658 032

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