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There will be services of BCP Holy Communion on 5th Sundays and 2nd Fridays in Little Gidding church:

2017 Little Gidding Church little gidding
Friday 13th January Communion 12.00 noon
Sunday 29th January Communion 11.00am
Friday 10th February Communion 12.00 noon
Friday 10th March Communion 12.00 noon
Good Friday 14th April There will be a Giddings Benefice walk, to include a brief service at Little Gidding at 2.35 p.m., then a silent walk to Steeple Gidding church for a service of Holy Communion at 3 p.m., using a reserved sacrament.
Sunday 30th April Communion 11.00am
Friday 12th May Communion 12.00 noon
Friday 9th June Communion 12.00 noon
Friday 14th July Communion 12.00 noon
Sunday 30th July Communion 11.00am
Friday 11th August Communion 12.00 noon
Friday 8th September Communion 12.00 noon
Friday 13th October Communion 12.00 noon
Sunday 29th October Communion 11.00am
Friday 10th November Communion 12.00 noon
Friday 8th December Communion 12.00 noon
Sunday 31st December Communion 11.00am

Annual Pilgrimage

The Friends of Little Gidding hold an annual Pilgrimage. More information on their website:

Feast day

Nicholas Ferrar is remembered near his Feast day, 4th December, at the annual general meeting of the Friends of Little Gidding. Please see their website for details.


Pilgrimage at Little Gidding Church
Images of the annual pilgrimage more
Little Gidding Church

Service at St John's, Little Gidding

John De Val and Canon Bill Girard preparing the elements of the Eucharist for the Feast of Nicholas Ferrar

Service at St John's, Little Gidding

The Four Seasons
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